Samuel W. Remedios

PhD Student in the Dept. of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University
NSF Fellow
NIH Clinical Center Special Volunteer
About me
I am interested in signal processing and machine learning techniques related to medical image acquisition, reconstruction, and representation. My current project focuses on super-resolution of anisotropic MRI volumes, facilitated by filter bank theory. Ultimately I am interested in techniques for arbitrary signal sampling and reconstruction, since the physical world is continuous yet we must store it digitally to leverage computational advances.
Before academia, I tried for the "rock star dream" full-time with my brother for several years, recording a couple of professionally produced records in Nashville and some cross-country tours. I still sing and play every day, so not sure whether I fully got it all out of my system. To me, there's still a surprising similarity between playing music and workout out research problems in code or math. In music, it's beneficial to listen to a wide variety of genres, and the artist eventually becomes a unique, individualistic weighted sum of everything they've heard. I think the same is true for research; pulling ideas and techniques from different fields seems to give unique perspectives on problem solving. I get the same kinds of feel-good brain chemicals from both of these domains.

Medical image processing | Signal processing | Super-resolution | Machine learning
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